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1. Who is Marketing Strategy Planner?

Marketing Plan

A Marketing Strategy Planner is responsible for devising marketing strategies. Individuals in this role formulate and decide on plans that align with the direction and vision of the business, implying that they must have foresight and a deep understanding of various aspects, including branding, the market, and their customers.

Marketing Strategy Planners can work either on the client side (client) or an agency (advertising company), depending on the type of business. The nature of the Marketing Strategy Planner's job will vary accordingly.

If the Marketing Strategy Planner works on the Agency side:

  • Receive information from the Planning Department and understand the specific requirements of the client.
  • Implement advertising campaigns for clients based on information from the brief.
  • Propose optimal solutions and campaigns during the advertising process to ensure effectiveness and meet client requirements.
  • Aggregate and analyze data, provide reports on campaign progress and results.
  • Propose improvements and adjustments to campaigns as needed to optimize effectiveness and achieve client goals.
  • Prepare price quotes and communication plans as requested by clients.
  • Allocate budgets appropriately to maximize client benefits.
  • Monitor and address errors and changes during campaign implementation.
  • Manage and evaluate campaign metrics and results to ensure that goals are met.
  • Compile business result reports from other departments as requested by management.

If the Marketing Strategy Planner works on the Client side:

  • Receive requests and information from clients regarding marketing strategies.
  • Analyze the needs and business goals of clients to propose appropriate marketing strategies.
  • Develop and design marketing strategy plans based on client requirements.
  • Advise and propose ideas, strategies, and advertising media to meet the business goals of clients.
  • Participate in meetings and discussions with clients to ensure that marketing plans meet their needs and desires.
  • Propose adjustments and improvements to marketing strategies as necessary.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented marketing strategies and generate result reports to present to clients.

2. What a Marketing Strategy Planner does?

Marketing Strategy Planner

A Marketing Strategy Planner can work client-side or at an agency, with some variation depending on the business model. Overall, they are responsible for strategic marketing planning and guidance. 

  • Marketing research: Understanding market needs through research is critical for developing well-informed plans. Many businesses invest heavily in market data, so Marketing Strategy Planners must responsibly utilize insights.
  • Planning: Core responsibility involves designing specific activities and timelines for implementation over long campaigns. 
  • Idea presentation: Successfully presenting proposals internally is important. For agency planners, this involves pitching concepts to accounts and creatives for feedback.

3.  Key skills of a Marketing Strategy Planner

Marketing Strategy Planner

  • Data analysis: Interpreting reports and insights to devise solutions to business challenges. 
  • Continuous market monitoring to capture opportunities.
  • Creative thinking: Developing new, engaging concepts aligned with trends. Diversifying campaigns across mediums.
  • Strategic planning: A core skill where experience helps hone abilities over time. 
  • Communication and persuasion: Understand psychology and convincingly present value to stakeholders.  

Other important aspects are:

  • Researching customer behavior shifts and pain points. 
  • Developing measurable KPIs for evaluating success.
  • Proposing scalable and optimized solutions within budgets.
  • Collaborating cross-functionally to maximize synergies.  
  • Keeping updated on industry innovations.
  • Mentoring and reviewing junior colleagues' work.

4. Career progression paths for a Marketing Strategy Planner

  • Marketing Strategy Intern

  • Marketing Strategy Planner Executive

  • Senior Marketing Strategy Planner

  • ​Marketing Strategy Planner Manager