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About Aniday

Aniday was born to help businesses take advantage of a network of experts/headhunts to find and attract talents.

The numbers achieved.


Businesses worldwide have been using Aniday


Professional Headhunter works on Aniday


Candidates are referred monthly on Aniday


Candidates sent through are invited for an interview by the company

Our growth

  1. Won First Prize in "Future of Work" category at Hanoi Innovation Summit


    As the only Vietnamese startup to enter the final round, the victory at Hanoi Innovation Summit In is an excellent motivation for us to create valuable solutions for businesses, a playground for recruiters, and bring quality job opportunities to job seekers.

  2. Got investment from Insignia Ventures Partners


    Insignia Ventures Partners is one of Southeast Asia's most prominent venture capital funds. With this investment, we will expand the market to Southeast Asian countries to be the number 1 mid & senior-level recruitment platform in INSEA (India - Southeast Asia)

  3. 10,000 members joined


    Aniday officially becomes the platform with the largest headhunter community in INSEA (India - Southeast Asia). Covers all industries and business sectors. Aniday achieves this at zero cost for marketing, thanks to the huge support of headhunters

  4. Exceeded the milestone of USD 1,000,000 referral bonus


    With an average bonus of USD 800 - 5000 for each successful referral, Aniday has cooperated with 300 businesses to solve the recruitment problem. Usually, companies take 2-5 months to recruit people, now with Aniday, just within 3-4 weeks!

  5. Nets pre-seed money from CyberAgent Capital


    CyberAgent Capital is an investment enterprise leading global innovation jointly with unicorn startups such as Tokopedia, Woowa Brothers, and VNG...

Core values

Trust and Build Trust

We believe trusting each other will help you go faster and do more meaningful things. Individuals need to trust their colleagues to empower and support them to do their job well. On the contrary, each person must build a reputation to retain people's trust. And always choose reputable customers and partners.

Focus on something that has a significant impact

We always want our time and effort to create the most excellent value and impact for the organization and the recruitment market. So, instead of wasting time on minor and low-impact issues, we choose to tackle the most important ones. That must have a significant impact on the organization's future goals.

Bold decision, fierce execution

Aniday encourages everyone to think big, make bold decisions, and allow mistakes. What is imperative is drastic enforcement. You can take yourself and your organization to a height that has never been reached by overcoming your limits and doing things that each person has never done.