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1. What is COO (Chief Operating Officer)?

A COO is an important position in an organization or company, often ranking at the senior level of leadership. The COO has primary responsibility for the company's daily operations and ensuring all activities are carried out smoothly and efficiently. COO duties may include operations management, production management, human resources management, project management and other activities related to organizational operations. In some cases, the COO can substitute for the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in managing the company when the CEO is unavailable.

The COO mainly focuses on implementing the company's business plans according to the established business model, while the CEO is more concerned with the company's long-term goals and broader prospects. In other words, the CEO comes up with the plans, while the COO executes them.

For example, if a company loses market share, the CEO may propose increasing quality control to strengthen customer credibility. The COO would fulfill the CEO's role by directing the HR department to hire additional quality control staff.

2. What a COO does?

  • Manage daily operations
  • Manage operations
  • Develop planning and strategies
  • Manage human resources
  • Manage production and logistics
  • Manage finances
  • Drive innovation and change

3. Key roles and responsibilities of a COO

The COO role is a core member of the senior management team, reporting directly to the CEO. The main duty is to maintain strict oversight of diverse business operations to ensure sustainable and extensive growth for the company. Experience and proven success as an effective leader with excellent people skills, business acuity, and leading by example are expected.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Design and implement business strategies, plans and processes

  • Set comprehensive performance and growth targets for the company

  • Establish policies to promote organizational culture and vision

  • Oversee daily operations of departments like IT, Marketing, Finance, etc.

  • Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and contribution

  • Evaluate performance through data analysis and interpretation

  • Report to the CEO on important issues

  • Support the CEO on fundraising projects and expansion activities

  • Manage relationships with partners and vendors


  • Proven experience as CEO or equivalent role

  • In-depth knowledge of functions like HR, Finance, Marketing

  • Ability to develop and execute business strategies

  • Fundraising experience is an advantage

  • Strong data analytics and KPI/metrics knowledge

  • IT/Business infrastructure and MS Office proficiency

  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills

  • Awesome communication and public speaking skills

  • Propensity for decision-making and problem-solving

  • Bachelor's/MBA or related field; Masters/MBA is preferred.

4. Important soft skills that COO should demonstrate

  • Leadership

  • Strategic vision

  • Development orientatio

  • Financial understanding

  • Decision making skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • Communication skills