Free recruiting advice; no need to visit pricey websites

Human resource professionals have access to various recruiting platforms to discover candidates; in Vietnam, there are now several platforms, each with pros and cons. 

According to several industry experts, recruiting platforms are not always the ideal location to locate the most qualified candidates. As a result, numerous businesses are searching for alternate methods to find qualified personnel. We hope that the following ideas from Aniday are helpful to our readers: 

1. Utilize professional recruitment sites such as LinkedIn

Using platforms with many high-quality candidates, such as LinkedIn, not only produces faster results but can also help you find candidates directly on your posts, as opposed to waiting for candidates to submit their CVs. In addition, you can post news, or even a status update, for candidates to find and connect with you. 

2. Evaluate previously submitted CVs 

After talking with several organizations with high recruiting success rates, we discovered that they all use a data storage system. Whenever a company has a recruitment requirement, it will first open the data system. 

3. Connect with the network's company owners. 

Additionally, connecting with company owners in the network is an efficient method for locating prospects. As a result, the degree of trust is much greater than in traditional recruiting, and the percentage of interview success is also better since the system has been used before. 

4. Utilize social networking 

Finding bright individuals is always a struggle, but social networking networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can help us identify excellent prospects for free. Utilizing keywords and hashtags to make the content go viral is the key to succeeding in this approach. 

5. Request that the employees introduce you 

The employee network will be among the most effective recruitment techniques. By encouraging your employees to suggest former coworkers and friends in their network, you have a greater chance of discovering high-caliber applicants and enhancing workplace performance since those they have previously worked with will be more motivated. 

6. Participate in employment workshops 

Participating in employment opportunity workshops in District 1 has yielded some success in recruiting. Aniday's office is close to institutions, from which we have numerous options. Participating in job seminars is a fantastic and practical approach to accessing a large pool of recent graduates. 

7. Become familiar with university faculty 

An excellent strategy to find entry-level employees is to network with university instructors. In addition to determining who is likely to fit your employment criteria, they may also help you identify interns (who may become full-time workers in the future) 

8. Using social media forums as a target 

Consider targeting forums on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Even if they are employed, members of these organizations may know others seeking employment and refer you to them.