Why Overseas Marketing Jobs Prefer International Students

As companies expand into international markets, identifying the right target market becomes a top priority. For marketing roles, they aim to gather more information and understand the market better to increase chances of success. However, effectively expanding into unfamiliar overseas markets is a challenge. Hence, the specialized role of overseas marketing was created, with international students being preferred candidates due to their language skills and market familiarity. This article will explain the job content and recruitment requirements of the overseas market position.

Good Foreign Language Skills

ability to speak multiple foreign languages

The overseas marketing position is a position that requires relatively high language skills. For the company, the first problem faced by this type of position is the language barrier. Because whether it is research, planning or BD, it requires a lot of use of foreign languages, and to some extent it needs to be used as a working language. 

The foreign languages mentioned here are not just English, but also some common minor languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, etc. Good foreign language skills can greatly improve the efficiency of market work and reduce the understanding bias of cooperation parties. 

Importance in Market Research Roles

For market research, if you want to understand the situation of the local market, the data information collected through the local language must be the most accurate. And market planning or BD positions, even more, need a lot of work with people, whether it is to talk about cooperation or to promote the planning plan, being good at using foreign languages is an indispensable condition in the work. 

At the same time, international students have lived abroad for a long time, and are relatively familiar with overseas communication, which complements their foreign language skills. For the recruiters of the position, without considering other factors, the foreign language skills of the international student group are relatively guaranteed. 

Relatively Familiar With The Overseas Market

businessmen looking at the world map

Foreign language skills or language are more of a tool for communication and exchange. But for the marketing work, what is more important is how to understand the overseas market and find opportunities in the chaotic market.

Many companies feel that the overseas market is difficult to expand, because to a certain extent, the market work is about who is more thorough about a certain content, who knows more people in this field, and who is more familiar with the users in these places. 

So if the person who is engaged in market work at this time has had contact with overseas users, lives in the same community, or has some resources in the overseas market, then they can do a better job in market marketing.

For the recruiters, the uncertain overseas market needs a relatively familiar person to be responsible, so international students who have lived, studied, and worked abroad have become the best candidates.

Importance In Business Development Roles

For overseas event planning and business BD positions, how to cooperate with people with different backgrounds, how to persuade local enterprises to cooperate with you, expand new overseas channels, etc., are all things that the overseas marketing position needs to be responsible for. 

For any market work, you need to be familiar with and understand the attributes of the target area, such as: user habits, market competition, product positioning, etc. Although you can find out the required content through industry surveys and other methods, some facts such as user preferences and local conditions cannot be expressed by data.

Living and studying abroad for a long time, they have unconsciously acquired some thinking patterns of overseas culture, and have been influenced by some overseas social and cultural influences. 

International students, with exposure to foreign cultures, possess enhanced insight into local humanities, culture, and logic. This equips them to approach problems from diverse angles, gather data efficiently, and make scientifically sound judgments, making them competitive choices for overseas job opportunities

In Summary

The overseas marketing position is a very challenging job, and the differences in work methods, language communication barriers, and regional restrictions are all extra thresholds in overseas market work. 

And as an international student, whether it is foreign language skills or understanding of overseas culture, they have relative advantages, and recruiters are also more willing to recruit international students to do these jobs. 

Therefore, for international students who want to engage in overseas marketing positions, they can try to apply for some corresponding positions, thereby increasing the probability of success. At the same time, international students can also continue to achieve excellent performance in these fields by exerting their advantages in foreign languages and cultural backgrounds.