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Vũ Nga - Headhunter6550

Headhunter | Recruiter
Icon employee 40 ứng viên
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Hi, I joined Recruitery since 07 2020 and currently working as a Recruitment Consultant on Recruitery. My objective is to help Employers in locating the best candidate by assessing their strengths, skills, proficiency, and personality traits before recommending them to the job. On the other side, I also assist candidates in their search for suitable employment, as well as in the development of their career path and future, by knowing their goals and abilities. Feel free to contact me.

Banking High Technology (IT, Software,...) Human Resource

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Công việc đã hoàn thành (1)

  • 03/11/2020 12:00 SA
    Icon placement Placement for Technical Project Manager (Fluent in French)

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