10 Helpful Recruiting Tools for Talent Acquisition

Recruiting the right talent is a critical aspect of building a successful organization. In today's digital age, technology plays a vital role in streamlining the talent acquisition process. From applicant tracking systems to candidate relationship management tools, there is a wide range of recruiting software available to help talent acquisition teams find, assess, and hire top candidates.

In this article from Aniday, we will explore ten proven recruiting tools for talent acquisition teams to consider adding to their tech stacks. These tools are designed to enhance the effectiveness of your existing systems and optimize your recruitment efforts. Let's dive in!

Proven recruiting tools for talent acquisition teams to consider adding to their tech stacks

1) Data People

men using his iPad browsing through potential talentsDatapeople is a comprehensive talent analytics platform that helps organizations make data-driven hiring decisions. It leverages AI and predictive analytics to analyze large volumes of applicant data, providing insights into candidate qualifications, potential, and fit. 

With Datapeople, recruiters can identify top performers, predict future success, and optimize their hiring strategy.

Key Features of Datapeople:

  • AI-powered candidate screening

  • Predictive analytics for talent selection

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Diversity and inclusion analytics

Table 1: Key Features of Datapeople



AI-powered screening 

Utilizes artificial intelligence for efficient screening of candidates 

Predictive analytics 

Provides insights into candidate potential and performance 

Performance benchmarking

Compares candidate performance against industry standards 

Diversity and inclusion analytics 

Measures diversity metrics for better inclusivity 

2) Starred

Starred is a candidate feedback and survey tool that enables recruiters to gather valuable insights from applicants. It allows you to create customized surveys and questionnaires to collect feedback at different stages of the hiring process. 

By capturing candidate feedback, Starred helps you improve your recruitment experience, identify areas for improvement, and enhance your employer brand.

Key Features of Starred:

  • Customizable candidate surveys

  • Real-time feedback collection

  • Candidate experience analytics

  • Integration with popular applicant tracking systems

Table 2: Key Features of Starred



Customizable candidate surveys 

Create tailored surveys to gather candidate feedback 

Real-time feedback collection 

Collect feedback from candidates during the hiring process 

Candidate experience analytics 

Analyze data to improve the overall candidate experience 

Integration with ATS 

Seamlessly integrate with leading applicant tracking systems 

3) Codility

Codility is a technical assessment platform that allows recruiters to evaluate the coding skills of potential candidates. It provides a range of coding challenges and assessments across various programming languages. 

With Codility, recruiters can objectively assess a candidate's coding abilities, saving time and ensuring a fair evaluation process.

Key Features of Codility:

  • Coding challenges and assessments

  • Automated scoring and evaluation

  • Seamless integration with existing tech stack

  • Detailed reports and analytics on candidate performance

Table 3: Key Features of Codility



Coding challenges and assessments 

Offer a variety of coding challenges to evaluate candidate skills 

Automated scoring and evaluation 

Automatically score candidate responses for efficient evaluation 

Seamless integration with tech stack 

Integrate Codility with your existing systems 

Detailed reports and analytics 

Generate comprehensive reports on candidate performance 

4) Hired Assessments

talent acquisition

Hired Assessments is an online skills assessment platform that helps companies evaluate candidates' abilities across different domains. It offers a vast library of pre-built assessments designed by subject matter experts. With Hired Assessments, talent acquisition teams can assess candidates' technical knowledge, cognitive skills, and problem-solving capabilities accurately.

Key Features of Hired Assessments:

  • Pre-built skills assessments

  • Customizable assessments and coding challenges

  • Real-time candidate evaluation

  • Integration with popular ATS platforms

Table 4: Key Features of Hired Assessments



Pre-built skills assessments 

Access a wide range of pre-built assessments for various domains 

Customizable assessments and coding challenges 

Tailor assessments to fit specific requirements 

Real-time candidate evaluation 

Assess candidates in real-time during interviews or online tests 

Integration with popular ATS 

Seamlessly integrate with leading applicant tracking systems 

5) Criteria

Criteria is a data-driven assessment platform that helps organizations evaluate candidates objectively. It offers a suite of scientifically validated pre-employment tests, including cognitive aptitude, personality, and skills assessments. 

By using Criteria, talent acquisition teams can make informed hiring decisions based on reliable data and minimize bias in the selection process.

Key Features of Criteria:

  • Scientifically validated assessments

  • Objective candidate evaluations

  • Diversity and inclusion analytics

  • API integration for seamless workflow integration

Table 5: Key Features of Criteria



Scientifically validated assessments 

Utilize validated tests for accurate candidate evaluations 

Objective candidate evaluations 

Evaluate candidates objectively, minimizing bias 

Diversity and inclusion analytics 

Analyze diversity and inclusion metrics in the selection process 

API integration 

Integrate Criteria with your existing workflow seamlessly 

6) Bryq

Bryq is an AI-powered talent assessment platform that uses psychometric and skills-based assessments to identify the best candidates for a role. It leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze candidates' traits and match them to job requirements. With Bryq, recruiters can streamline their screening process, reduce unconscious bias, and improve the quality of hires.

Key Features of Bryq:

  • Psychometric and skills-based assessments

  • AI-driven candidate matching

  • Unconscious bias detection

  • Insights into cultural fit and job compatibility

Table 6: Key Features of Bryq



Psychometric and skills-based assessments 

Assess candidates' personality traits and job-related skills 

AI-driven candidate matching 

Automatically match candidates to job requirements 

Unconscious bias detection 

Minimize the impact of bias in the selection process 

Insights into cultural fit and job compatibility 

Understand how candidates align with your company culture and specific role 

7) Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a video interviewing platform that enables talent acquisition teams to conduct virtual interviews efficiently. It allows recruiters to pre-record interview questions or hold live video interviews, saving time and providing flexibility for both candidates and hiring managers. 

With Spark Hire, you can assess candidates' communication skills, evaluate their responses, and collaborate with team members during the hiring process.

Key Features of Spark Hire:

  • Pre-recorded and live video interviews

  • Collaborative feedback and evaluation

  • Customized interview questionnaires

  • Integration with popular applicant tracking systems

Table 7: Key Features of Spark Hire



Pre-recorded and live video interviews 

Conduct virtual interviews at your convenience 

Collaborative feedback and evaluation 

Share feedback and evaluate candidates collaboratively 

Customized interview questionnaires 

Create tailored interview questionnaires for different roles 

Integration with popular ATS 

Seamlessly integrate with leading applicant tracking systems 

8) BrightHire

BrightHire is an interview intelligence platform that helps talent acquisition teams make better-informed hiring decisions. It provides tools for structured interviews, interview scorecards, and real-time candidate evaluations. 

With BrightHire, you can eliminate bias in the interview process and gain valuable insights into candidates' competencies, potential, and cultural fit.

Key Features of BrightHire:

  • Structured interview templates

  • Real-time feedback and evaluation

  • Interview scorecards and analytics

  • Integration with recruiting tools and applicant tracking systems

Table 8: Key Features of BrightHire



Structured interview templates 

Use pre-designed interview frameworks for consistency 

Real-time feedback and evaluation 

Provide feedback to candidates instantly during interviews 

Interview scorecards and analytics 

Rate and compare candidates based on predefined criteria 

Integration with recruiting tools and ATS 

Seamlessly integrate BrightHire with other recruitment tools and applicant tracking systems 

9) Grayscale

Grayscale is a platform that simplifies and enhances the employee referral process. It allows employees to refer potential candidates directly from their professional networks, streamlining the sourcing efforts. 

With Grayscale, talent acquisition teams can tap into their existing workforce's connections, expand their candidate pool, and increase the chances of finding high-quality hires.

Key Features of Grayscale:

  • Employee referral management

  • Automated referral tracking

  • Gamification and incentives

  • Integration with popular ATS platforms

Table 9: Key Features of Grayscale



Employee referral management 

Streamline the employee referral process 

Automated referral tracking 

Track and manage referrals automatically 

Gamification and incentives 

Encourage employee engagement through gamified reward systems 

Integration with popular ATS 

Seamlessly integrate with leading applicant tracking systems 

10) Compa

Compa is a compensation intelligence platform that helps organizations make data-driven salary decisions. It provides market insights, salary benchmarking, and pay range recommendations based on various factors such as location, experience, and industry. 

With Compa, talent acquisition teams can ensure fair and competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.

Key Features of Compa:

  • Salary benchmarking

  • Compensation analytics

  • Pay range recommendations

  • Integration with HRIS and ATS systems

Table 10: Key Features of Compa



Salary benchmarking 

Compare salaries against industry standards 

Compensation analytics 

Analyze compensation data for insights and trends 

Pay range recommendations 

Receive recommendations for salary ranges 

Integration with HRIS and ATS 

Seamlessly integrate with HR information systems and applicant tracking systems 

In Summary

talent acquisition

Building a strong talent acquisition tech stack is essential for efficient and effective recruitment. By incorporating these ten proven tools for talent acquisition into your tech stack, you can enhance your sourcing, screening, and evaluation processes, ultimately leading to higher-quality hires and a more successful organization. 

Whether it's leveraging AI-powered analytics, conducting video interviews, or streamlining employee referrals, these tools for talent acquisition offer valuable capabilities to optimize your talent acquisition efforts. Stay ahead in the competition by embracing these tools and making data-driven decisions in your hiring process. We hope you find this blog from Aniday helpful.