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ElevenLabs - Create Audio Automatically with AI

ElevenLabs - Create Audio Automatically with AI

AI Music & Audio, AI Video & Clip editing, AI Productivity, AI Marketing, Advertising, Branding & Sales, AI Fun App, AI Assistant


Simple and easy to use interface Free of charge Product quality is highly rated

I. About ElevenLabs

1. What is ElevenLabs?

What is ElevenLabs?

What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is an AI-powered application with the main capability of producing audio in many reading voices, languages and genders. ElevenLabs' sounds are entirely natural even though generated by AI. Its special feature is that users only need to enter text data they want to convert to audio, and the system will quickly update and design a complete audio file for them.

It also supports over 20 popular languages like:

  • English 

  • Chinese 

  • Spanish 

  • Hindi 

  • Portuguese 

  • French 

2. Ideal ElevenLabs Users

Video Creator/Editor: Audio quality is important for video quality. With ElevenLabs, creators don't need multiple recordings - just script then upload for a complete audio file.

Developer: Developers can utilize audio in programs to create engaging experiences for users, saving time while maintaining quality.

Business: Companies should consider AI instead of real people for mass announcements, allowing easy editing and reducing costs/time. ElevenLabs empowers business content/ideas.

3. ElevenLabs' Superior Features

  • Indistinguishable from Human Speech: Turn text to lively audio in 29 languages and 120 voices. Ideal for digital creators, with high quality streaming.
  • Precise adjustment: Easily adjust voices through a visual interface. Combine readability, voice stability and style to engage audiences.
  • Online text reader: Use the tool to understand any text, from short emails to full PDFs, while cutting costs and time.

II. Instructions for Registering and Using ElevenLabs

1. How to register an ElevenLabs account

  • Register with Google account
  • Register with Email

Sign up Eleven Labs

Sign up ElevenLabs

2. How to use ElevenLabs

Enter profile details and reason for using ElevenLabs. Select your industry. Enter content and Generate for the finished product.

Fill information

Fill information

Select your industry

Select your industry

Finally, enter the content you want to convert into the blank field, click Generate, and wait a few seconds to get your final product.

Enter content

Enter content

III. ElevenLabs pricing

It offers different access tiers. You can start free and upgrade based on needs/budget.

Pricing of ElevenLabs

Pricing of ElevenLabs

IV. Pros and cons of ElevenLabs


  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Free of charge
  • Product quality is highly rated


  • Although the tool can generate audio files in over 20 languages, users can only operate on the website in English.

V. Overall assessment of ElevenLabs

  • Ease of use and familiarization with the tool: Given the interface overview, anyone can use the software from the first time without any difficulties.
  • Accuracy in processing information: ElevenLabs provides results that meet requirements, with products depending on content entered into the information processing field.
  • Practical applicability: ElevenLabs can be applied in any circumstance as long as it relates to audio creation.