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 Domo - Retrieve and process data with AI

Domo - Retrieve and process data with AI

AI Research & Analysis, AI Productivity, AI Planning, Projecting, Project Management, AI Marketing, Advertising, Branding & Sales, AI Finance, Spreadsheets, AI Customer Service & Support, AI Assistant


User-friendly interface Many convenient features AI with highly sensitive problem-solving capabilities

Do you have headaches with data because you don't know how to organize or collect reliable data sources? Domo can help resolve the above issues with just a few simple steps thanks to its modern AI technology. Below are some detailed information about the Domo application that you can refer to.

I. About Domo

1. What is Domo?

What is Domo?

What is Domo?

Domo is an application designed with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that allow users to access data that is continuously updated over time, from which important business decisions can be made based on existing data/figures that impact the business.

Domo's application also features some other notable tools such as:

  • Domo.AI: Streamlines AI model management processes from model creation, integration to optimization and deployment endpoints in apps and dashboards, allowing flexible deployment across the entire organization securely and privately.

  • Drag-and-drop ETL tools: Domo's ETL solution makes it easy for everyone to extract data from multiple sources, process and transform data as well as load data onto Domo.

  • Low-code application development: With Domo App Studio, users can build their own enterprise apps, incorporate data into business processes, allow users to take actions and automate tasks without needing IT support.

2. Ideal users of Domo

  • Retail: Improve retail performance of inventory levels, sales revenue and store operations.

  • Finance: Leverage deep customer insights to maximize profits while minimizing risks.

  • High Tech: Achieve deep insights to optimize sales processes and enhance product delivery effectiveness.

  • Manufacturing: Optimize supply chains with improved logistics services and enhanced scenario planning.

  • Media & Entertainment: Track how customers interact with your content and manage profitability.

  • Health: Enhance healthcare activities with clinical and multi-functional health data.

  • Professional Service: Identify new opportunities and better serve customers with data.

  • Life Sciences: Connect and take actions based on data from drug/device development to distribution processes.

  • Hospitality & Travel: Leverage deep insights to enhance customer experiences and sales.

II. How to sign up and use Domo

1. Sign up with Domo

 Filling your email to sign up Domo account.

Sign up Domo

Sign up Domo

2. How to use Domo

After successful registration, select the File tab to connect data from your personal computer to the Domo application.

Choose File

Choose File

Next, select the chart format that you want to display. Once complete, Domo will provide you with the most accurate results.

Choose form

Choose form

The chart created by Domo

The chart created by Domo

You can also share this file with colleagues by selecting 'Share' and entering the email address of the intended recipient.

 Choose Share

 Choose Share

Sharing with your network

Sharing with your network

III. Pricing of Domo

Each plan comes with its own unique permissions as suggested by Domo. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the plan that best suits you.

 Domo's price

 Domo's price

IV. Advantages and Limitations of Domo


  • User-friendly interface
  • Many convenient features
  • AI with highly sensitive problem-solving capabilities


  • English is required
  • Learning curve for new users

V.  Overall assessment of Domo

  • Ease of use and familiarization: In general, this is a very easy tool for data professionals.
  • Practical applicability: Domo has high applicability and can be used in many cases, especially in today's era of advanced technology development.