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Head of University Admission Consulting

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Point Avenue

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- Free gym membership - Airfare of up to $1k reimbursed after 1 year (if applicable) - 25+ paid leave days per year
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Job Overview And Responsibility

Point Avenue is a private education technology company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, providing K-12 after-school educational services across Southeast Asia. We are leaders in English language teaching, competitive debating, test preparation, and admissions consulting. As our Head of Admissions Consulting, you will be responsible for strategizing, leading, and managing our team of admissions consultants. Our college counselors aim to help students gain admissions into their top school choice and develop them into future leaders in their areas of interest. You will formulate strategy, control budgets, manage people, develop academic curriculum, implement systems and processes, and set culture. Additionally, you will collaborate with sales and marketing to expand our brand presence and influence. To be successful in this role, you must be a thoughtful leader and a confident decision-maker, helping our people grow and perform while ensuring the success of our academic and business operations. Responsibilities and Duties: Academic: - Oversees quality assurance of all academic and mentorship programs. - Ensures all curricula and student meeting plans are current and ready; all Education and Operations Consultants are properly trained to consult to standard; and all student reports, parent-teacher conferences, and other admin tasks are completed to standard. - Supervises the timely planning, coordination, and execution of application seasons and campaigns. - Coordinates, leads, and oversees the R&D of new curricula to support both Senior and Non-Senior student development in PAV and PAT. Operations: - Responsible for the daily operations of all team members within the Department. - Coaches and mentors Education Consultants to develop and implement strategies and plans to help students (clients) meet their educational goals. - Collects and analyzes customer feedback to improve the quality of our academic programs and customer service. - Coordinates with Marketing to provide localized marketing support and generate student leads. Administrative: - Creates and implements systems and processes to ensure priorities of work are being completed to standard. - Ensures the Department is resourced and staffed to execute all required operations. - Oversees talent development and management of team members as well as coordinates with HR in identifying and forecasting future staffing needs, and ensures team members’ well-being, including compensation and benefits, leave, etc. - Enforces all company standards and policies. Consulting and Branding: - Provides sales support by meeting with and helping close customer leads. - Works by, with, and through Centers to implement Admissions Consulting programs to a high-level standard. - Consults up to six (06) active student cases.

Required Skills and Experience

- Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year academic institution. - 5+ years of experience directly working with students in a college counseling capacity, encompassing both admissions consulting (US market) and extracurricular coaching. - Prior experience in leading a team of 10 - 15 people - Strong background related to college admissions processes, financial aid, and student resources. - Fluent in English with no local accent - Management experience in the education industry. - Strong leadership and interpersonal skills. - Excellent organizational, problem-solving, analytical, and time-management skills.

Why Candidate should apply this position

Growth Opportunities and Tracks Once competent with essential responsibilities and skills in the application process and student development, we want to hear about your ideas and interests regarding improving our efforts to help our students grow and achieve success. This could either be through a focus on our educational program or our business operations, or both. (A) Educational Programming - Research and develop new modules, curriculum, exercises, methods, tools, resources, and more to improve our effectiveness in growing and advising students. (B) Management - Lead, manage, and develop team members in achieving success within our educational program as well as their own roles in other business operations and aspects. (C) Operations - Create or revise systems to help the team become more organized, focused, efficient, or effective in achieving our educational goals and student academic success. (D) Sales - Contribute to or lead the process in which a student and their family learn about us, become interested, and then work together as an official part of our program. (E) Marketing - Help shape our brand identity, create content, and organize online and offline efforts to discover students and families who share our values and would benefit most from our program. (F) Hiring - Create and support strategies and processes to build hiring channels (digital and personal) to find teachers and professionals who can become valuable contributors to our efforts. (G) Product Development - Serve as a bridge between the technology we build (as an education technology company) and the students it serves, which requires you to lead the building of technology that intends to enhance student experiences and outcomes. Key Stats: - 2-year employment contract - Premium Healthcare Insurance - Free gym membership - Airfare of up to $1k reimbursed after 1 year (if applicable) - 25+ paid leave days per year

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