2024 Top #5 Jobs in the Semiconductor Industry Chain in Vietnam

In 2024, the Vietnam semiconductor industry has experienced a significant demand surge. Technologies like 5G, AI, AR/VR, metaverse, and electric vehicles require powerful and energy-efficient chips. This has led to a boom in the need for cross-disciplinary technology talents with skills in semiconductor design, manufacturing, and packaging.

The outlook for 2024 also looks positive. AI, HPC, advanced foundry processes, CoWos, IP cores, and the consumer electronics market rebound point to continued industry growth. This bodes well for professionals seeking opportunities in Vietnam's dynamic semiconductor sector.

semiconductor chip with vietnam flag

Upstream IC Design Top Five Positions

In IC design, which involves chip architecture, circuit design, and software development, these five roles saw the highest recruitment levels in 2024:

1. Digital IC Design Engineer

900+ monthly openings. Designing digital circuits and architectures for chips using HDL software like Verilog and VHDL. Skills in RTL design, simulation, synthesis are key. Most openings were for experience designing SOCs, MCUs, FPGAs.

2. Analog IC Design Engineer

500+ monthly openings. Designing analog and mixed-signal circuits for radio frequency, sensors, power management, and other functions. Experience with Cadence/Synopsys tools and BCD process technology was commonly requested.

3. Software Design Engineer

500+ monthly openings Developing low-level device drivers, embedded operating systems, middleware for chips. Experience with C/C++, RTOS kernels, embedded Linux sought after. Many roles involved driver development for AI/ML applications.

4. Firmware Design Engineer

400+ monthly openings. Developing low-level firmware for MCUs, SOCs using C/C++. Experience interfacing hardware peripherals, bus protocols, embedded security features in high demand.

5. Electronics Engineer

100+ monthly openings. Supporting IC design teams through circuit simulations, device modeling, EDA tool proficiency. Background in semiconductor device physics and fundamentals of digital/analog circuits necessary.

Midstream IC Manufacturing Top Five Positions

As manufacturing capacity expanded in Vietnam, these were the most recurring job openings:

1. Semiconductor Engineer

500+ monthly openings. Interfacing with foundries on technology development, process characterization, yield management. Experience in CMOS logic/memory processes, lithography, deposition, etch required.

2. Firmware Design Engineer

200+ monthly openings. Developing firmware for tool interfacing, data collection, recipe scheduling. Skills in PLC/SCADA systems, semiconductor equipment protocols, and C/C++ desired.

3. Operator/Packager

200+ monthly openings. Operating tools for lithography, deposition, etching, die packaging. International safety and quality certifications added advantage.

4. Software Design Engineer

200+ monthly openings. Programming software for fault detection, SPC, predictive maintenance. Proficiency with Python, C++, SQL databases, semiconductor data analytics important.

5. Semiconductor Equipment Engineer

200+ monthly openings. Commissioning, maintaining, troubleshooting etchers, diffusion furnaces, bonders. Experience installing, qualifying tools from vendors like Applied Materials, Lam Research valued.

Downstream IC Testing and Packaging Top Five Positions

The final stages of chip manufacturing also saw heightened recruitment:

1. Operator/Packager

400+ monthly openings. Assembling, inspecting, testing packaged ICs using automated, semi-automated equipment lines. Prior experience in lead frame insertion, die/wire bonding, encapsulation.

2. Firmware Design Engineer

200+ monthly openings. Developing low-level software for handlers, testers, burn-in boards. Experience with ATE instrumentation software, verification test suites preferred.

3. Software Design Engineer

200+ monthly openings. Programming test program sets, binning algorithms, data analytics dashboards to monitor assembly line performance. Background in Java, C++, SQL databases valued.

4. Domestic Sales Representative

200+ monthly openings. Liaising with domestic clients from consumer electronics, industrial, medical segments. Proficiency in business development, account management essential.

5. Production Technology/Process Engineer

200+ monthly openings. Yield enhancement initiatives, driving technology transfers, sustaining production processes. Semiconductor equipment and manufacturing experience required.


Amid Vietnam's ambitious goals to become a key player in the global semiconductor supply chain, jobs in design, manufacturing, and testing fields will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. Especially with the acceleration of emerging technologies, professionals with skills across different segments of the IC value chain stand to benefit tremendously from career prospects in the country.

Data source: Aniday and Google jobs