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Software Engineer (Full-time remote)

Enginering FrontEnd TypeScript English VueJS

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Icon salary Gaji kotor bulanan
2.500 - $4.000
Icon Location Lokasi
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1 persons


13th month salary 13th month salary
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Flexible working time Flexible working time

Gambaran besar dan Tanggung jawab pekerjaan

About PixCap Problem: There is still no easy way to create beautiful and engaging 3D illustrations without learning advanced 3D editing software. PixCap: PixCap solves this as a web-based editor to easily find, create and export 3D designs for images and video. A good analogy would be Canva for 3D. Mission: To make 3D design a joy to work with, and become as simple as 2D General Description: We are looking for a generalist software engineer proficient in Typescript who has experience implementing production ready code and integrating between multiple codebases. Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain Pixcap’s typescript codebase, centered around BabylonJS - Integrate off the shelf features from BabylonJS into Pixcap’s codebase - Adapt code and implementations from other developers into production ready code - Integrate logic between codebases via APIs and observables - Implement rigorous testing practices - Participate in design and code reviews

Keahlian dan pengalaman yang dibutuhkan

- Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field - 3-5+ years of work experience in a software engineering role - Strong proficiency in typescript (must-have) and - Prior experience with 3D and WebGL/ThreeJS/BabylonJS (must have) - Knowledge of design patterns and architectural principles - Demonstrated experience with integration of software stacks and maintaining legacy code - Proficiency in spoken and written English

Mengapa kandidat disarakan untuk posisi ini

- Competitive salary - Equity options package

Job Q&A

27.3.2024 this job still open?

Yes, we are still hiring

JD wrote: "Prior experience with 3D and WebGL/ThreeJS/BabylonJS (must have)" => 3D and WebGL/ThreeJS/BabylonJS is must-have or nice-to-have?

It's a must

Is this job opportunity still open?

Yes, we are still hiring

Bài test lập trình như nào vậy ad

It includes a programming assignment

Skill về Vuejs là bắt buộc đúng k ạ

No, Typescript experience is a must

Hello team, my candidate last full time role was at 140K per year with benefits, then the candidate would love to negotiation about the salary, is okay?

140k$ per year can be considered to be over budget

Hi, Is this job still opening? btw it's permanent contract without the social insuarance, isnt it?

yes, yes

hi, I have shared a JD with you here, but I can't see if it's moved to screening. will be helpful if you give me an update. thanks

Hi, I see. Will do, thanks!

Job này có đóng bảo hiểm không ạ

Hi, the company will not cover the social insurance for this role

I have a candidate strong in TypeScript (4 years)/ FrontEnd/ Angular, NextJS / NestJS / Ionic / Figma; but he has changed his job each year in the past. Now, he is studying for a Master of Science in Australia and he wants to be a long-term opportunity to work remotely. Are you interested?

Is the client only needing 1 more person to hire for the Software Engineer (Full-time remote) or there's several openings for that role?

I have a candidate that have experience with Threejs but not babylonJs and is very strong in Typescript and Angular and React, but didn't worked much with Vue. are you interested?

Yes that's good

Do I have to do a mini project during the interview?

I've never done BabylonJs, can I still do it?


Hi, will candidates work with Clients?

The candidate will work with PixCap

Hello i have one candidate she have experience of 4+ years in typescript | Node Js | Angular | MongoDB | Mysql | JavaScript. But she don't have experience with babylonJS

Anyone can apply. We don't care about country or age

Hi. Candidates from Pakistan . Can they apply this position?

hi. The candidate is strong in typescript & nodejs but doesn't have much Java experience but he is willing to work with Java, is that okay?

YES we want this candidate, we don't care about C++/Java if they have typescript

Okay i have a very strong profiles. I will share those

No please the timezone doesn't matter.

Forget about the timezone

Any timezone works.

Can i refer indian candidate?