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We are a team of Filipinos with close to 40 years of collective outsourcing experience. We are a registered shared services company that focuses on helping startups get their business ready for expansion, especially through outsourcing. Our ideal clients fall under two major categories: 1) Companies that want to outsource (further subdivided into two groups) 1A) Want to outsource but may not be ready - we help them by auditing, fixing, and streamlining their processes and systems. 1B) Want to outsource but are eyeing a specific BPO partner - we help them search and identify the best BPO partner for them; we then act as their vendor manager in the Philippines. 1C) They're either ready to outsource or have outsourced and are shopping for a new bpo partner and they pick us as their call center. They outsource directly through us (e.g. headhunting, payroll, customer service, social media, etc) 2.) They don't want to outsource but they need help to streamline their processes and systems. It takes more than money and a partner for a company to successfully outsource. We have heard and witnessed investor or clients get the point end of the stick when they partnered witht the wrong organizations. We want to achieve a a win-win-win scenario with all our partners and clients.

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