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A multinational joint-venture company between Indonesian and Filipinos, PT. ASIA SELECT INDONESIA is part of a network of Executive Search companies that started in the Philippines. ASIA SELECT presently operates in the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, with an affiliate office in Singapore, and is exploring possibilities in China, Thailand and the Middle East. History ASIA SELECT and affiliate, ZMG Group of Companies traces its roots to one of the oldest management consultancy practices in the world, W.D. Scott & Co., when it entered the Philippine market in 1963. W.D. Scott Philippines organized its executive search operation in 1981, through its founder and now owner Mr. Jesus M. Zulueta, and soon after gained recognition and prestige. In 1993, Mr. Zulueta along with a group of consultants and investors acquired full control of W. D. Scott Philippines, and the new company ZMG W.D.Scott, Philippines was formed. In 1996, when a partnership was forged with Ward Howell International, the company changed its name to Ward Howell ZMG. Three years after seeing the need for mid-level searches, and realizing that this type of search requires a different type of discipline, Asia Corporate Select was formed. Its primary focus was to concentrate on middle and lower level positions. In 1999 Ward Howell ZMG became ZMG International, when the federations of former Ward Howell firms decided to keep their federation operational in spite of Ward Howell US breaking off with the rest of the world. Asia Corporate Select underwent further metamorphosis when it decided to expand its search and selection operations to include interim staffing, and other staffing solutions both here and abroad. With these expanded services it decided to offer, the name was changed to Asia Select.

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