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PT. People Search International (P.S.I) is a well-known Executive Search firm in Indonesia. Since its establishment in year 2002, PSI has committed to become the partner of our clients in winning the talent war, the most sophisticated and crucial wars that top corporations must win in this highly competitive business environment. Serving 90% of clients who are in the first cluster of their industry, PSI introduces most talented professionals to clients. The passion to understand client needs and deliver the highest quality of talent’ search has brought us to be one of prominent players in professional sourcing business. For many years, PSI has well demonstrated its accomplishment by successfully placing top talents with best qualification in leading organizations. PSI encourages talents to stay connected with us with the objective of helping talents to open window of opportunities and introduces them to our clients for a better future career. There are lot of reasons for people to be part of our network. Detail can be read in the following link: http://www.peoplesearchindonesia.com/archive/article/101-why-do-you-need-strong-realtionship-with-executive-search-company.html . Our firm is also part of NPA Worldwide, a global executive search association based in US, which connecting our operation to our members around the world. This will also certainly benefit both our clients and also talents who are part of our networks.

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