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Orang-IT.id is a company that focuses on meeting the needs of IT experts and positions needed in IT projects. Historically, our business has been started since 2015, namely as part of PT. Solman Manuggal Informatika (Solman), which has successfully provided IT workforce fulfillment services to several well-known clients. Due to the development of digitalization, the presence of the orang-IT.id platform has our vision to become an IT workforce provider company with the aim of making it easier for IT talents to get permanent and project-based jobs and make it easier for clients to get IT experts based on digital technology. We focus on providing IT expert solutions with three business pillars, namely resourcing, outsourcing and headhunting. With a budget that is tailored to the needs of the HR department and project team, we will help clients find the right IT talent. We are fully responsible for meeting the needs of IT personnel in an IT project with a conformity level of above 90% thus speeding up the placement process. In addition, guaranteeing performance monitoring during project entry up to candidate replacement is the focus of our services when IT talents are placed. As an IT talent, you can access information about permanent work or employment contracts and time from Orang-IT.id. In addition, we are here with social media features such as community, general discussions about products and issues in IT, and you can post your thoughts, opinions, personal experiences and others. You have the opportunity to get a referral fee as a reward if you help your colleagues to get the job they want. So, there is no other word to join Orang-It.id if you really are an “IT person”.

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