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kreme Consulting Pte. Ltd. is a start-up Executive Search firm headquartered in Singapore comprising of dedicated professionals that recruit the best and brightest talent for your organization that truly understand the keys to success in investing for the right employee. At the same time, we assisted start ups with their recruitment process by tailoring a cost-saving model. We provide professional personnel to our clients on permanent placement basis, and pride ourselves in the services we offer through vast experience in executive search and social recruitment. We seek to be the single source of platform that our clients go to support their recruitment initiatives. With the increasing number of social media users growing by over 300% over the last few years, it is imperative that employers focus on building a strong presence in relevant social media platforms. The use of a social recruitment tool combined with social recruitment skills is essential when engaging with modern day professionals. Our consultants are LinkedIn Certified Professional-Recruiters, trained and focused on identifying and engaging both passive and active candidates, strengthening your talent brand, building a strong pipeline of talent and posting jobs to attract the right candidate. With prior years of experience working in LinkedIn, we have mastered the art of using social recruitment best practices and methodologies to help companies kick start their social recruitment's journey thus widening the candidate pool by engaging passive talent at scale. To provide the best possible pool of talent for your selection, we go through our candidates with a fine-tooth comb, meticulously weeding out those who are merely right, while unearthing your next valuable asset that will fit your unique needs. Our vision is to help companies to revoluntionize the traditional recruitment method - from transactional hiring to using data to hire intelligently by leveraging social recruitment

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