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GET Consultant provide full-service of developing OD and HR Management Strategies. We help to take away the burden of HR functions both operational and strategic management to facilitate the growth of your business and create sustainable impact. A. CONSULTING 1. Organizational Development Collaborate with you on your company change from Diagnosing, Action Planning and Intervention; a. Support organization identify problems that may interfere with its effectiveness and assess the underlying causes. b. Identify problems together with you by examining its mission, goals, policies, structures and technologies; climate and culture; environmental factors; desired outcomes and readiness to take action. c. Develop strategic interventions for addressing diagnosed problems. d. Engage the organization in an action planning process to assess the feasibility of implementing different change strategies that lead to action. e. Specify and sequence changes steps, monitor progress, and cultivate stakeholder commitment. f. Document impacts of change to the organisation. 2. HR Management Collaborate with you in optimizing Human Resources Function in handling all aspects of people in 3 domains; a. People (HR Strategic Planning, Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement & Retention, Learning & Development, Total Rewards), b. Organization (Structure of the HR Function, Organizational Effectiveness & Development, Workforce Management, Employee & Labor Relations, Technology Management), c. Workplace (HR in the Global Context, Diversity & Inclusion B. OUTSOURCING Transactional Human Resources ; 1. Talent Acquisition (Executive Search, Recruitment & Selection) 2. Learning & Development (Assessment Center, HRM Training Management Development Trainig, Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling) 3. Total Rewards (Job Evaluation, Salary Structure Development) 4. Technology (Payroll mgt. & processing, HRIS) 5. Company Regulation review 6. Employee Assistance Prog(Japan & English Lang. Service)

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