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Catenon is ​a​ multinational​ executive search company​ with a technology-based​ ​approach​ operating under the web² model. Our vision​, is to​ operate as a single office​ worldwide​. ​ We strive to​ identify, ​assess and ​find the right candidates ​for our clients from around the world. We do this by leveraging technology and our network of consultants that operate from offices located globally. Our differentiating factor would be the multimedia report used to present the final results ​to our clients. ​This report ​contains ​the ​methodology​ designed by Catenon​ that individually analyses and compares each candidate​, providing our clients with a holistic view of each candidate and allowing them to make an informed decision. ​Catenon was founded in order to take advantage of a new emerging market: the global search for professionals. This market arose from the need for the international mobility of talent ​and ​an expected trend in the next few years is continuous growth in this hunt for talent. Catenon aims to be at the forefront of this trend.

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