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We support Entrepreneurs, C-suite and Senior Executives in the Technology and Professional Services sectors to overcome challenges and frustrations with team performance and running their businesses. 1) Executive Coaching 2) Executive Search Leaders in the Technology and Professional companies face significant technical challenges in a highly competitive industry, and yet share that their biggest dilemmas usually have to do with hiring and retaining people, leading people, and balancing family life and work life. When our clients work with us, they address the above issues and decrease their stress levels while meeting or exceeding their business or organizational goals. Here are some of the results that our clients have experienced: • Relief that they have a sounding board to discuss and resolve their most pressing people issues, managing cost, increasing revenue and communication challenges • Assurance that they are hiring the best person for the job with the right personality and cultural fit • Reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers, and make more profits as employees are feeling engaged. • Feeling energized, more fulfilled and stop feeling overwhelmed as they develop a strategy to balance work and life. Clients choose BEACON because we have a track record working with technically inclined clients, in variety of functions, including sales, product management, operations, finance, and supply-chain. We also bring a diverse combination of expertise and experience in running businesses, executive coaching, and executive search in the technological space. These experiences, plus over 8 years of experiences in Coaching Senior Leaders (Director, VP and above), our training from recognised Coach Training and Engineering-related Professional Degree, and our deep understanding of the technology and professional services sector and its many challenges, allows us to better support our client.

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