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Education Consultant

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- Free gym membership - Airfare of up to $1k reimbursed after 1 year (if applicable) - 25+ paid leave days per year
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Gambaran besar dan Tanggung jawab pekerjaan

Overview of Position On the surface, Education Consultants work with Grade 7 to post-graduate students to help them apply for boarding schools, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs. While that’s our most basic and essential service, it’s really just the finish line. For students who are looking for more than just guidance on the application process, we help mentor and coach them in their journey to arrive at the application process as the best version of themselves. At times, this can feel like the steady pace of running a marathon, and other times there are intense bursts of speed that feel like sprints. While destinations may be shared, it’s the path of getting there that matters to us most. We value the journey just as much as the destination, if not more. In short, we help students craft their application strategy as an end goal. To achieve that, we nurture their growth through a variety of ways and opportunities to not only help them stand out as an applicant but also develop their character, values, worldview, and abilities. We support our students as big brothers and sisters, and we strive to give and teach them the things we wish we had or learned when we were their age. Responsibilities and Duties ● Craft plans and strategies to develop students’ personal growth and applicant profile ● Guide students through the application process for the following educational stages: ○ Boarding Schools ○ Undergraduate Programs ○ Graduate Programs ● Coach students through writing and improving the form, style, and substance of their applications and relevant essays ● Understand the needs, strengths, weaknesses, and mindset of each individual student ● Mentor students in researching majors, professional career paths, and best-fit schools that align with their academic, professional, and personal interests ● Teach essential skills that translate to growth and success in their development, which include but are not limited to: ○ Time and task management ○ Productivity ○ Effective learning and studying ○ Relationship building (or networking) ○ Planning ○ Research ○ Collaboration ● Manage and advise the punctual completion of applications and engagement in activities (academic, extracurricular, personal, leisure) of each student ● Help students discover and explore their interests, and also research and recommend opportunities to pursue those interests ● Staying current with school admission processes and requirements, school programs, majors, and courses, and developments in education and financial aid. ● Conducting interviews, reviewing application materials, and assisting in the admissions decision-making process. ● Work with Admissions Consulting Team to research and develop curriculum, methods, and databases for: ○ Extracurricular development through teachers, courses, programs, organizations, and competitions ○ Cultivating positive and supportive relationships with students that are conducive to their growth and achievement ● Communicate both orally and in writing with students and parents about strategies, plans, and students’ well-being, abilities, interests, behavior ● Support or lead business operations and development through sales, marketing, community engagement, curriculum, program improvement, and anything else

Keahlian dan pengalaman yang dibutuhkan

● Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year academic institution ● Graduated from Top 20 University of the world in US ● 1+ year of prior experience as Education Consultant with comprehensive education services ● Fluent in English with no local accents ● Worked with students in a teaching capacity (academic or extracurricular) ● Strong problem-solving and analytical skills ● Familiarity with college admissions processes, financial aid, and student resources

Mengapa kandidat disarakan untuk posisi ini

Growth Opportunities and Tracks Once competent with essential responsibilities and skills in the application process and student development, we want to hear about your ideas and interests regarding improving our efforts to help our students grow and achieve success. This could either be through a focus on our educational program or our business operations, or both. (A) Educational Programming - Research and develop new modules, curriculum, exercises, methods, tools, resources, and more to improve our effectiveness in growing and advising students. (B) Management - Lead, manage, and develop team members in achieving success within our educational program as well as their own roles in other business operations and aspects. (C) Operations - Create or revise systems to help the team become more organized, focused, efficient, or effective in achieving our educational goals and student academic success. (D) Sales - Contribute to or lead the process in which a student and their family learn about us, become interested, and then work together as an official part of our program. (E) Marketing - Help shape our brand identity, create content, and organize online and offline efforts to discover students and families who share our values and would benefit most from our program. (F) Hiring - Create and support strategies and processes to build hiring channels (digital and personal) to find teachers and professionals who can become valuable contributors to our efforts. (G) Product Development - Serve as a bridge between the technology we build (as an education technology company) and the students it serves, which requires you to lead the building of technology that intends to enhance student experiences and outcomes. Key Stats: - 2-year employment contract - Premium Healthcare Insurance - Free gym membership - Airfare of up to $1k reimbursed after 1 year (if applicable) - 25+ paid leave days per year