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Job Overview And Responsibility

Solution Architecture: - Direct the team to gather functional requirements and specifications from current users to identify areas for improvement and/or integration for existing systems. - Review and improve proposals for technology solutions, addressing current architectural constraints and future architectural improvements. - Promote engineering best practices (e.g. test-driven development, continuous integration, and automated deployment). - Take the lead in improving existing applications and creating new ones, while ensuring application software is efficiently designed, manufactured, tested, and met business requirements. - Ensure solutions are designed in line with Technology's roadmap and strategic direction. Customer-centric - Responsible for making customer-centric decisions that have a profound impact on the utility and usability of systems that ensure user needs. - Apply Design Thinking to collaborate with Product and Solution Management in ensuring that proposed solutions meet user, customer and market needs. Project Management - Manage project conflicts, challenges, and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at peak performance. - Work with team leaders to resolve people issues and project barriers, and do root cause analysis to help teams continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity People Management - Attract, onboard and retain the right talents for a high- performing team - Communicate team and individual KRAs/ KPIs, goals, action plan, expectations and results to team members - Manage team performance & provide feedback regularly (following the annual performance management cycle); - Enable team member’s professional and personal development through capability assessment, training, coaching & feedback, etc. - Motivate and recognize team members’ contributions towards the team’s shared goals - Responsible for developing talents within the team - Act as a role model and promote corporate culture at sub- function level - Understand & communicate relevant HR offerings to team members.

Required Skills and Experience

Qualifications - Bachelor's or Master's Degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology Work Experience - At least 10 years of relevant experience working on software development projects with at least 3 years or more as a Practicing Software Engineer and at least 5 years or more as a Solution Architect with experience formerly in top engineering resolution activities and a minimum of 4 years in a management position - Java-based - Experience and gain insights into the latest technology trends (AI/ML, IoT, RPA, Edge Computing, Blockchain, AR/VR) - Significant experience in infrastructure, environments, and deployment strategies/technologies to drive efficient work methods and DevSecOps Experience in making architectural decisions at the product and team levels - Experience working on projects spanning multiple journeys and groups - Having in-depth experience in Agile Software Development and a firm grasp of Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodology - Experience working in Agile teams to support successful digital transformation projects, participating in end-to-end planning for implementation Language level - Excellent English communication

Why Candidate should apply this position

- About Welfare Benefits: + Attractive income with fixed monthly salary, quarterly sales bonuses, and annual performance bonuses. + 13th-month salary and comprehensive welfare system of a Techcomer. + Probation: 100% salary + social insurance. - Welcome kits. + 15 days of leave + 1 day off for birthday. + Techcombank Care health insurance. - Cultural Environment: + A professional, civilized, and modern working environment that is top in the banking sector in Vietnam and Asia. + Opportunities to meet and work with many foreign experts at Techcombank.

Preferred skills and experiences

- Background from product with large data scale and user number

Report to

Head of Enterprise Architecture Technology (Swiss)

Interview process

R1: Director & SM SA > R2: Director EA > R3: Head of Enterprise Architecture Technology > R4: CIO & Head of Software Engineering

Tony Nguyen

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Tony Nguyen

Headhunter | Recruiter
Icon employee 5035 candidates
Icon cup 676 interviews
Icon health 41 offers

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